What is Gsm_X_Team?

A little about us:

Gsm_X_Team is a private entity which has a body of team members who are what you would call "White Hat" reverse engineers, except, we ONLY reverse GSM (Global System for Mobile Communicationssoftwares. This entity has been created since the year of 2016.


Why are we considered White Hat Reverse Engineers?

First of all. We know cracking one's software can cause a severe impact on the developers end, which may cause them to discontinue future developments. We also know that this can severely impact GSM Market.

While we do enjoy analyzing new security. Our aim is only to give poor technicians around the world who are not financially capable of affording the original softwares and technicians who has country restrictions from even getting the security device (Dongle or Box) that is needed to run the softwares in their country an opportunity to utilize these softwares to make money to survive and to provide for their family. 

There are technicians out there who can actually afford these security devices. However, knowing they are none refundable, they get the opportunity to buy these softwares from us at a very cheap cost to be able to test these softwares before they spend alot of money to buy these expensive security devices from the original developers/resellers.

The developers of these GSM softwares are human as well who have families to feed. So because of that consideration, our goal as well is for our customers to make enough money from these softwares to buy the security devices from the original developers.


What had driven us to start this service?

We personally had our experience of what was mentioned above before Gsm_X_Team was created, so we want to make a difference for persons around the world.


Thank you for taking the time to learn about us!

If you need any further information about us, you may search your answers in our knowledgebase, or you can reach out to us at our official Facebook Page.

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